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Stephen O'Toole

Stephen O'Toole


Stephen Michael Thomas O'Toole was born in Dublin, Ireland in the nineteen sixties .
He lived in Brabazon Square , in the heart of The Rebel Liberties until the age of seven when his pioneering folks decided to pack up the Ford Cortina estate and move out west.
Stephen has described this time in his life as a "Fresh Prince" moment, but instead of Bel Air ,the family settled in the more upmarket area of Drimnagh. Summers were spent in the various playgrounds of the rich and famous that line The Grand Canal, winters , skiing in the exclusive area known as Tallaght in the foot hills of the Dublin mountains.
Like many others , Stephen moved to London in the eighties ,to work for the queens shilling. It was at this time he convinced himself he was Slash from the popular band Guns'n'Roses , which mainly entailed wearing leather trousers , long earrings and spending most of the day getting blind drunk.
On return to his native land ,he decided to take his music career seriously,and bring it up to a much higher level of mediocrity .
He has since gone on to perform across Europe and North America ,and has shared the stage with a host of musical icons and legends ,until of course , they managed to get security to remove him from those particular stages.
Stephen currently resides in Toronto ,Canada ,where he is aggressively fighting extradition to several countries.
He lives with his long suffering wife , who has to listen to rubbish like this on a daily basis,,,,,

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