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News of Kilkelly
fanclub Showcase

Delighted to be playing the fanclub Showcase at the Workman’s Cellar, Dublin, on Thursday 24th August 2023! Joined on the night by Taylor D, Niamh Murray, Mia Yermeche and Tadhg Williams. Come see us live and/or check out the videos afterwards here on fanclub!

Read More 22nd Aug 2023
Album Crowd Fund

A day before the crowd-fund ended, Gema, the artist's revenue service, leapt in and saved the day with a wee royalty cheque. Crowdfund made it to 4202 euro out of the 5000 euro aimed for. Jaysus, I'll fecking take it! I'll manage the rest! Thanks so bloody much: Izar, Rachel, Alex, Joshua, Lisa, Jan, Matthew, Rainer, Dörte, Dan, Emmett, Kat, Paul H., Kev, John, Tuffy, Sean, Alison, Zahra, Ciaran, Maike, Christian, Mel, Andrew, Gary, Johannes, Ruth, Dan W., Magdalena, Elvia, Robbie, Mary, Leanne, Aoife G., Claire M, Paul T., Stephen M., Sean D., Sofia L., Georg, Andrew McC, Michelle, Tonia, Steve, Fabio & Declan for donating! And all those who gave at the crowdfunding gig, if you're not counted let me know so I can get ya in the lining notes. Album nearly done! Let's go! Love and buíochas, Conor

Read More 11th Jun 2022