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News of Fergal Nash
New Videos, New Single & London Shows!

Hi everyone! Sorry about the delay updating my page, it’s been a busy few months. The biggest news is that I have just uploaded 5 new videos to my collection here. They are some of my favourite covers, so check them out! I have just completed a mini promo tour of London, playing 6 open mics! Check out my socials for more details. And finally my latest single “Spite Doesn’t Matter” was released on the 3rd of March, links below. Please subscribe to my page here, and a big shout out to Fanclub for giving me and other Irish artist this fantastic platform to connect with our true fans!👍 https://open.spotify.com/album/23kDumyN6cqVZy4o6zOrn2?si=b66a2d1b9c744bef https://youtu.be/e5JDlKXOiXY

Read More 5th May 2022