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News of Emma O'Reilly
Hey Fanclub Folks! Just a quick intro...

Hi everyone! I'm sure if you're here with me on fanclub you already know me, maybe on social media, hanging out with me on Twitch, or as a Patron on Patreon/Ko-Fi. To old friends - welcome. To new friends - let me tell you a bit about me. I'm an Irish songwriter originally from Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, now based in Norwich, Norfolk (I was living in Dublin but that got insanely expensive and I found myself here!). I write Indie folk pop with some rock and classical elements, and I've been independently managing, recording and writing for quite a bit now. I try to stay active on social media - Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok being some of my main haunts. I stream regularly over on Twitch (where we have a growing community, soon to hit 1100 followers!) and once a month I write and record a brand new demo over on Patreon (and also Ko-Fi). I sing, I play guitar, piano, a bit of uke and I love using a vocoder or a loop pedal where I can. So if I'm active on all these other sites, why join Fanclub? It's a question that has a few answers. First of all, I discovered in November that Spotify's CEO has been investing in military companies, which I'm not delighted about, so I'm looking for a different streaming service to get behind. Streaming services aren't also typically structured to get any revenue back to the artist either. Fanclub reached out to me, and not only are they Irish owned, but they are interested in being transparent about how artists get paid, and they aren't going in for an algorithim-based way of listening - you won't see like counts here. I like the idea that on this site you really can just follow your own nose and give new music a chance. This site is literally brand new, so make sure you have a look around and check out some of the other artists. The idea is that we post covers and music that you can't find on any other streaming services, and on this site you can save your faves and add them to playlists. At the moment, I'm doing a masters, working as best I can while developing some recordings, writing, ontop of all the real-life stuff, so while live dates may look a bit sparse, please do come find me on Twitch - I'm playing there a few times each week and I'd love to see you - www.twitch.tv/emmaormusic. I hope you have a fun time here and that you like the exclusive videos I've made! Grá, Emma

Read More 28th Jul 2022