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Elsdeer is the moniker of Berlin session violinist and songwriter Denise Dombrowski. After first becoming a part of the Berlin folk scene in late 2019, Elsdeer has been crafting her own songs ever since. Her debut single,‘Ten Years Time', released in May 2022, is a powerful meditation on grief and loss that showcases her unique talents as an arranger.

On November 27th 2022, Elsdeer released her third single called “Mimicry”. While her first two singles dealt with grief and isolation, "Mimicry" provides a more light-hearted and meaningful look at what it means to risk all for the sake of pursuing something beautiful and life-affirming. This track will also be part of a planned debut EP which can be expected early 2023.

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New single - 'Golden Hours'

I am really happy to tell you today that I have a new song coming out! It will be the first of many coming this year 🤗 The single „Golden Hours“ will be released on March 20th and it will feature many strings! Yes, you hear that right! Stringsss! Small to big, high to low - there’s one in there for every taste!🎻🎻🎻

Read More 15th Feb 2023
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